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5 Tips To Bring Your Medical Brand To Life

By VERONICA YUSSYN – MCLANEY, Katalyst Marketing Director


Katalyst understands the importance of staying connected, establishing credibility, access to prospective patients and developing brand awareness. A well-constructed and customized medical brand is the foundation to a successful online presence, organic traffic, generating new patients and sales.

Here is 5 tips on how doctors can improve their medical brand:

1. Engage your patients.
• A medical brand engages with their patient through social media outlets and a well developed website that allows direct communication between the doctor and patient.
• Maintaining an up-to date Facebook page, twitter account, sending out e-newsletters and a personalized blog grabs the attention and interest of patients, they view engagement from the doctor as a caring trait and are more likely to visit and refer the doctor.

2. Keep a consistent brand.
• Keeping the medical brand consistent will lead to faster and longer lasting awareness. Website, brochures and everything in between must portray the same message and image in order to have the greatest local, national and international impact.
• A creative and eye catching logo is the foundation of any medical brand and it is the first representation and impression of the practice.

3. Be relevant.
• Conduct a market research or analysis to decide what patient demographic is best for the practice. Once the target market is established, use that information to convey meaningful and useful messages.
• Market research can determine what is applicable for current patients and can be used as a tool to attract new patients.

4. Keep your context and website authentic.
• The most effective ways to promote a medical brand is through website design and context. It is vital to the brand and can lead the conversation in terms of the message patients see and hear. Online presence should be the most prominent part of any medical marketing strategy.

• Valuable context can be a determining factor for patients. Creating context with a human touch is the best way to attract new patients.

5. Establish credibility.
• Identify the leading traits and evaluate what makes the practice different from others such as experience in the field, the technology, offering evening and weekend appointments (convenience), or a combination of these differentiators.

• Media exposer helps current and potential patients see the doctor as an expert, allowing them to attract high profile patients, grow the practice and generate more revenue.

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